hey guyz,
just want 2 let you know, I moved on from this community 2 another 1
crownedgrave from now on will be the comm for me & oxygen_wings ♥
I don't know why, but I hate this community now =\
I really hate it ._.
so, I was hoping 2 feel your support there :D
& another thing about the requests post, so sorry for the late bbs
but I'm still working on it , & I'll post it there at my new comm
sorry for disturbing ;_;

++160 member - requests

+160 member
waaaaah~so happy, thanx everyone ;_;
so we're gonin' 2 have requests


1. Unlimited for now!
2. 12 HQ pics per person - wherever you want, doesn't have to be asian related.
3. banners, headers & Icons: Animated & animanga, (only the icons are shareable).
for banner & header you have to mention the size, text with or without, your name on it or not
4. Please, name the people/fashion brand/things/whatever in the pictures.

that's it :3
enjoy bb's